Hat Advice

Unfortunately now days, a hat is not something that one wears every day so when it comes to wearing one, a lot of ladies need some advice and I am here to help! My looking at an image of someone's face I cannot tell what hat will suit. I like to try all the different styles on and see what looks right.

I am very honest and will give you my blunt opinion! There are general hat rules but honestly you will know what hats for you when you put the correct one on! Small hats seem to be the fashion these day due to Kate Middleton wearing them but we also have a wide brimmed hats in the collection as some pope prefer this.

I am happy to help, so pop in to the London showroom and we will get the designer hat right together!

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss a particular bespoke hat, perhaps a hat for Royal Ascot or a summer wedding hat, please contact me.