What makes Rosie Olivia Millinery stand out from the rest? ..........

Rosie Olivia signature lace is a trim created by me, Rosie!

As shown in the images it’s really versatile, unique and not like any other trimming on a hat that you have seen before. I like to call it lace but it is actually embroidery. I don’t tell anyone how I make it but it is a fabric that can be used in several different ways and created in a couple of different colours.

I mainly create it in black and a silvery/gold colour as it looks most effective like this. It can be made to any size and I usually create lace ruffles or panels which are hand sewn on the designer hat shape.

If you would like a bespoke hat trimmed with Rosie Olivia lace then please do get in touch or to view other hats trimmed with this fabric have a look through the collections