Hats fit for the Racing Season

A good hat is a hat that feels very comfortable to wear, looks great on you and compliments your outfit, giving you the confidence to stand out from the crowd!

SELECT A HAT TO COMPLIMENT YOUR OUTFIT – A hat can make the perfect finishing touch – choose a complimentary colour, a hat with feathers or beads that matches your chosen colour palette. Match the base colour of your hat to the outfit and use a trim in an alternative colour or vice versa.

EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR HAT ON IN FRONT OF A LONG MIRROR -  This way you can see all your proportions and which shape best works with your height and size.

ACCESSORISE TO COMPLIMENT YOUR HAT -  It is best to select a subtle earring if your hat has lots of detail. Don’t over do it! Pair with diamond studs or something simple, as a dangly earring may look over crowded.  When selecting makeup I recommend a strong eye and a good lippy!

If you are looking for a bespoke hat for Royal Ascot, please contact us.