In the studio we are now designing for Spring Summer 2015!

We are back to the drawing books here at the Rosie Olivia Studio. We have fabric swatches, doodles, new hat blocks, unusual trimmings and colour charts covering the desk!

We want to hear from you.....

What's the name of the hat from any of the collections that you love and why?

Are you the wide brimmed hat type of girl or a small cocktail hat wearer?

Do you only wear a desighner hat if you are attending a hat attire event or do you opt for a casual everyday hat?

Send your answers to

We had to share with you this image... Alex Kolton one of our most stylish clients, attended the Palace last week with her husband Martin who was collecting an MBE.

If you are attending a summer wedding and are looking for the perfect wedding hat, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.