The Perfect Accessory This Summer

Whether you are a mother of the bride looking for a wedding hat, off to the races or attending a christening a hat can be the perfect accessory to pull an outfit together.  Hats can make an outfit, Rosie Olivia is here to help you look your best this Summer season and make a statement with a stylish hat!

PICK THE RIGHT SHAPE FOR YOUR FACE – Different hat styles suit different people and with a variety of shapes it is important to select the right one. Large brim hats suit taller ladies, smaller hats and pill box hats suit round faces. For ladies with a fringe, it is best to cover the hair line so the fringe does not get squashed.

EXPERIMENT WITH THE POSITION OF YOUR HAT - not all hats belong in the centre of our heads, some look best further forward or angled above the  eyebrow.  For a stylish look, I recommend placing hats at an angle to match the angle of a jaw line.

If you need any help choosing the perfect hat, please contact us, we are happy to help.