Rosie Olivia Millinery has a new stockist on board!!

Once again this week has been even more action-packed than the last! Thats why I love my job; making Designer Hats! Every week, every day is different just unpredictable and very exciting!

I met up with the owners of a very exciting new hat shop opening in Fulham, London called ‘The Hat Club’. As well as stocking a range of designer hats it will be stocking a range of Rosie Olivia Millinery hats from the spring summer 2013 collection. The shop opens in mid April, just in time for the racing season!

We also exhibited at the Chai Cancer Care Society Gift Sale on Tuesday. Over 700 people walked through Chai’s doors and they raised an incredible £17,000. It was great to be a part of such a great charity event and many people took interest in the Rosie Olivia Designer Hats and now fingers crossed when they have that special occasion they will order a bespoke hat!

The hat of the week is the Carson hat! Take a look and let us know what you think! Like it but want it in another colour? Click Here