Hat Sale

I recently held a hat sample sale in London perfect timing for those who need hats to wear for the upcoming Jewish festivals. And what a success it was! We had a variety of things for sale, jewelry, bags and dresses!
This was the second hat sale that I have done and I shall continue to do it every year! If you would like to be invited to the next one then please sign up to the mailing list!
This time of year is always so hectic, I have just created a new spring summer 2014 collection which is so exciting and now applying to different stockist to see if they would like to stock Rosie Olivia hats. On top of this we have lots of bespoke hats to create for those who are already stocking up their winter wardrobe and clients attending barmitzvahs and weddings. If you would like a bespoke hat made please do get in touch!