An Insight to the world of Rosie Olivia Millinery in a Video - Bespoke hats

Creating bespoke hats/designer hats is really exciting as each bespoke hat is unique, fits the clients specifications and a piece of art work!

Whilst revamping the Rosie Olivia Millinery website we thought it would be a great idea to create a video so you can see a snip-it of processes used and actions that take place in this millinery studio. The video is on the Bespoke Hats page, it’s short and sweet so have a watch! Watch video here

 If you would like a bespoke hat just get in contact me via or 0778066885. Ideally it is best to come to the Rosie Olivia Studio, however I do travel with the hats!

 We begin by trying on all the different shape hats that we have in the studio, essentially to identify a style and shape hat suits your face and that you feel comfortable in. We then look at all the different possibilities to trim the hat; whether it be the unique Rosie Olivia signature lace or more traditional millinery trims such as feathers, veiling, swarovski beading, patent ribbons or netting.

 Fabrics used depend on the season the hat is to been worn for and the fabric of the outfit. Normally during winter hats are made from velour fur and in summer straws are more the thing such a sinamay, parisisal, paper straw or visca.

 Ideally I say one month from once the order is placed until you see the finished product at the final fitting where we will try the bespoke hat on making sure it is exactly what you want, on trend, fits and you love it!

 Get in touch today and explore the options of a Rosie Olivia bespoke hat, a designer hat suited to uniquely YOU.

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